What is SoundCloud?

Soundcloud is an audio hosting platform for content creators. Content stored in SoundCloud can be shared in courses as individual tracks, or playlists made playable from a simple and widely recognized music player.

Examples of Soundcloud

Faculty interviewing former students now practitioners in the field using BlueJeans for course content in MSPA 472 Analytics Consulting.

Faculty sharing personal work and entrepreneurial experience with students recorded using an iPhone.

When should I use SoundCloud?

SoundCloud is the go to platform for hosting audio content including, but not limited to: interviews and panel discussions with clients or colleagues, storytelling where perhaps you might recount a professional experience relating to course content or lessons, and weekly or course introductions.

How do I use SoundCloud?

Work with your Learning Designer and Instructional Technologist to determine what audio content you might develop for your course. From there determine recording dates and production deadlines, identify your hardware and software recording tools, and who will be included in the recording. Some choreographing and scripting may be required, although interviews tend to work well impromptu.

Faculty can create content any number of ways at home or with help from an instructional technologist. Easy to use recording software for recording content are available free online, and some may already be integrated into your computer’s operating system (e.g. QuickTime for Apple Mac, Voice Recorder nee Sound Recorder for Windows PC.) And whenever distances and schedules align a Learning Technologist can assist you in our downtown or Evanston Campuses.

Completed tracks and playlists will be embedded into your course site, and your learning technologist will add a downloadable transcript.


SoundCloud’s embedded playlists are not compatible with all keyboard navigation or screen reader software. Therefore, it is recommended that rather than embedding a full playlist, individual tracks be embedded for easier navigation.

All audio tracks used in the course must have text transcripts to accompany them.