Elizabeth Lemke

Learning Designer

I have lived in Chicago for the last eight years. During that time, I have worked in the higher education landscape in various capacities, from teaching freshman composition to writing and editing online course content and media pieces to project planning and coordination for online course components. I am excited to be working with the SPS Distance Learning team as a Learning Designer. In this role, I collaborate with faculty to design and implement engaging and meaningful learning experiences for online students.

I earned an MFA in Poetry in 2010 and upon graduation, I founded and currently co-curate a monthly, salon-style reading series that I host in my apartment. I spend much of my free time researching and connecting with amazing writers that I would normally never get the chance to meet.

Despite the wretched winters, I am a die-hard Midwesterner and will always be an advocate of the north woods and all its glory. I also love bulldogs of all kinds and hope to bring a rescue dog into my life soon. I need three cups of coffee before 8am and have recently embraced the joys of cooking (or at least the many ways to arrange different food stuffs).

Posts by: Elizabeth Lemke

Current Events Activities in the Online Classroom

As members of an evolving and diverse learning community, it’s our responsibility to pay attention, stay informed, build cultural competency, and hone our digital literacy skills. It’s our responsibility to know and understand the implications of local, national, and world-wide events. What better place to practice those skills than in the classroom, where ideas are meant to be explored, challenged, and refined. Current events activities are a great way to get students thinking about and engaging with what’s going on in their field of study right now, while also bridging abstract theoretical concepts with application in the real world. The

Amping up Your BlueJeans Session with a Guest Presenter

A few weeks ago I wrote a blog post on Active Learning Strategies for the Online Classroom. This week, I’m continuing that discussion by focusing on how to make sync session presentations more active and authentic. One way to accomplish this is to invite a guest presenter from your vast and ever-growing network of awesome professionals, alumni, and friends. Benefits to Students There are several ways students benefit from a guest presenter. In addition to your expertise, a guest presenter can share additional or varied industry knowledge and insight. They can help feed that growing spark of excitement your students

Active Learning Strategies for the Online Classroom

Dr. Ray Schroeder recently gave a presentation on active learning strategies for NUIT’s Teachxpert Speaker Series. He describes active learning not as a theory, but as “a teaching method that supports learning. The method uses techniques…that promote analysis, synthesis and evaluation that guide students towards achieving learning objectives” (Active Blending for Engagement). Think about the last time you learned something. What was it? How did you learn it? The last time I learned something, I received direct instruction from a peer where I watched a process being done while it was explained, and then I went off on my own