William Guth

Instructional Technologist

Before starting at NU in Aug 2013, I spent time in several behind-the-scenes industries including web project management, social media/search engine marketing, live audio visual production, and talent management. As an Instructional Technologist, I have the honor of supporting and collaborating with NU faculty across multiple disciplines to create learning-conducive online environments for their students.

If I could be anywhere other than here, I would be drinking coffee at the Cafe Imperial in Prague trying to figure out who would be next to receive a stale donut to the face, or I would be hiking a trail in the Andes mountains looking for the world’s best Yerba Mate. There’s so much of the planet I have yet to discover, and so little time.

My five favorite foods are Udon Noodles, just about any type of curry, Irish Mint Chocolate Cake, a warm corned beef reuben with dill pickle, and just about any variety of steamed or fried rice. Hold the mushrooms, raisins, and the shrimp, please.

Posts by: William Guth

Podcast Your Content

I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking “I’m not a radio host! I don’t have an on air personality. I don’t have it in me to plan and record a weekly series.” All those things may be true. But those are not necessarily requirements for creating course content in podcast form. If you’re in the process of a course design or revision, then you are involved in a planning process, and planning is ninety percent of the project. And if you are already thinking to record a lecture or explanation of concepts on camera, it’s possible that a podcast will

USB Mic Comparison

Would you agree that bad audio can ruin a good video, presentation, or recording? Most certainly. A few months back, we identified tools for recording interview audio on the go. Today, we’ll listen to and compare five USB microphones, illustrate their uses in online instruction, and identify a few principles that will help us get the best results. Why can’t I use a headset microphone? For web conference purposes, a headset microphone will suffice, but not for much else. Reason being? Bit Depth and Sample Rate. Combined, Bit Depth and Sample Rate are the principles at play when digitally capturing

Lavalier Microphone Discounts for Faculty, Students, and Staff: Limited Time Only

We are pleased to announce the winner of the iRig Lavalier microphone giveaway. Congratulations to adjunct faculty Eric Abbott. Thank you to all who participated. As promised, a few of our microphone donors are extending discounts on mobile recording device equipment to faculty, students and staff at the following rates. 15% off Shure MVL Microphones Shure is offering 15% off the published retail price of their MVL Omnidirectional Condenser Lavalier Microphone at Shure.com through June 30, 2017. Use discount promo code: MVLNUW15 at the Shure MVL store page. 20% off iRig Microphones, all IK Multimedia Products IK Multimedia is offering