Standard 1: Introduction and Overview

General Standard 1­ – Course Overview and Introduction

The course structure makes the “big picture” organization and design of the course very apparent to the learners from their first view of the course, and learners are introduced to the course and to each other.


The 9 substandards in this section address having a course overview, schedule of activities, instructions on how to navigate the course, instructions on how to access instructional materials, information on institutional policies, information on minimum technical skills, an introduction from the instructor, and opportunities for learners to introduce themselves to each other and to the instructor.


1.2 Learners are introduced to the purpose and structure of the course.

Students can find areas in the course like “Syllabus,” “Start Here,” and “Welcome.”

1.3 Etiquette expectations (for discussions, email) and other forms of communication are clearly stated.

Students have access to information about how to conduct themselves online and the type of tone to use when communicating with the instructor and peers.

1.9 Learners are asked to introduce themselves to the class.

­Students post to a discussion board answering questions about their motivations for taking the course and their professional backgrounds.

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