Standard 2:­ Learning Objectives (Competencies)

General Standard 2 -­ Learning Objectives (Competencies)

There are measurable and specific objectives learners will meet by the end of the course.


Some of the criteria for meeting this standard are the inclusion of learning objectives that are suitable to the level of the course and language that spells out how the course activities enable students to meet the learning objectives.


2.1 The course learning objectives describe outcomes that are measurable.

By the end of the course, students will be able to select (measurable action) appropriate tax strategies for different financial and personal situations (object).

2.3 All learning objectives are stated clearly and written from the learner’s perspective.

After reading the objective above, it is clear to the instructor what students will be able to do if they achieve the objective (select appropriate tax strategies).

2.4 Instructions explain which learning objectives students will meet by completing the activities and assignments.

In this first assignment, students will take a short quiz that will help determine at what degree of accuracy they are able to select the appropriate tax strategy.

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