Studio Production Examples

Production Capabilities

The types of content that can be produced in the video recording studio is bound only by your imagination and the physical dimensions of the studio space. Located on the third floor of Abbott Hall, the recording studio measures 9.5 feet wide by 16 feet deep by 8.5 feet high.

This list of examples highlights a range of recent types of SPS DL video productions with brief descriptions of each category accompanied by an embedded YouTube playlist containing examples you can watch. You can choose to watch the embedded playlist on this page by playing the embedded videos, or follow the link below each video to view more examples of videos from that category on a separate page. Playlists are updated automatically when a new video that fits the category is added, so check back often to see the latest examples.

Faculty Videos

The studio design is optimized for videos with a single subject appearing on camera, typically a presenter in a fixed location speaking directly to viewers through the recording with the aid of a teleprompter. By no means will this result in the production of static content; studio videos can pair with other SPS DL technologies to deliver dynamic, interactive content to students that is of high production value.


When you need to demonstrate an idea or process that is displayed on a computer screen, recording a screencast is a simple way to produce a video. The video recording equipment in the studio integrates with Camtasia and Screencast-O-Matic to record on-screen presentations, software demonstrations and other visual overlays for students to interact with.

Handwriting Capture

Record handwritten math demonstrations or annotate an image just like you would on a whiteboard with the use of Wacom tablets and digital pens or iPad drawing apps, similar to those produced by Khan Academy. For more information about handwriting capture, visit the Handwriting Capture page.

Hands-on Demonstration

When an activity or process that involves physical objects or actions needs to be captured, the studio can be configured to record the process multiple times from various angles to allow virtual participants to simulate the physical components of the process.

Video Conference Capture

When one or more participants of a recording are remote, use Blue Jeans to capture a live, multi-camera video conference.

One Button Studio Presentation

Great for making recordings that emphasize on camera presence of the lecturer and simple visual aids. The One Button Studio is self-service and easy to use.


The Lightboard studio allows the creation of highly visible sketches and equations during a lecture, in a natural way, without post-production editing.

Use Policy

At this time, studio equipment is not available for loan or transport to other facilities. If you are unable to visit the studio for your recording, please view the Learning Technologies Page page to learn about the options available off site. All visitors to the studio must be accompanied by a trained SPS staff member.

Continued use of the video recording studio overview depends on the adherence to SPS standards for quality and the availability and capacity of SPS staff to manage production workflows. Content produced using studio equipment should align with the philosophy of the Video How-To Guides page and SPS programs overall.