Author: Christine Scherer

NUDL Workshop Reflections

This summer, AccessibleNU hosted their second UDL Workshop series. A cohort of faculty and academic staff, including Learning Designer and IDS instructor David Noffs and Senior Content Specialist Christine Scherer, learned about universal design for learning and best practices to design and teach courses that are welcoming and accessible for all students. The workshop series was packed with information and resources. Here are five of our top takeaways, plus tips on how to start incorporating UDL into your class! Takeaway #: For some, learning is not as easy as it looks. One of the biggest challenges faced by disabled and

Beyond Entertainment: Using Gamification to Engage Online Students – September 2018 Online Learning Webinar

Gamification is heard a lot in education, but some are still not sure what it means. In this webinar, learning designer Jacob Guerra-Martinez outlined the basics of gamification, focusing on the difference between using game concepts in a course as opposed to game play. It will go over the advantages of using game concepts, and how they can be easily implemented into an online course. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.  

Top 5 Missed Quality Matters Standards – August 2018 Online Learning Webinar

When you develop an online course with the Distance Learning department, we have the Quality Matters (QM) framework in the backs of our minds. In this webinar, senior learning designer Krissy Wilson briefly reviewed what QM is and talked through five frequently missed standards. She discussed the ways we are already meeting (or could meet) these standards in our classes, and shared ways that we have met these standards in the past. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.  

TEACHx 2018 Reflections, Part 2

This year, a majority of the DL team attended and/or presented at TEACHx. Hosted by NUIT, TEACHx is an opportunity for faculty and staff to share innovative and creative uses of technology in the classroom, whether that classroom is physical or digital. This week, several staff members share their reflections on what it was like to attend and present at this conference. Jacob Guerra-Martinez This year at TEACHx I had the wonderful opportunity to participate in a panel called Discussion Hero: A Gamified Discussion Board That Encourages Rich Dialogue. Discussion Hero is a gamified discussion board that is currently being

Academic Integrity and Identity Verification – June 2018 Online Learning Webinar

In this webinar, ┬áJessica Benjamin, Director of Business Development at Examity, and Soo La Kim, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs at SPS, discussed academic integrity in online education. Topics of discussion included online student identity verification, proctored assessments, and both technological and pedagogical best practices faculty can use to ensure a culture of academic integrity in their online courses. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.