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A Student’s Perspective on Ungrading

Guest Blog by Yerim Lee Growing up in America with stereotypical Asian immigrant parents, I was constantly expected to receive all A’s on my report cards. Even in elementary school, I have vivid memories of grabbing my backpack when I heard my mom come home from work and proudly showing her that I scored a 98% on my spelling quiz. After she took one glance at my score she curiously asked, “That’s good, but why didn’t you score a 100%?” Not to say my mother wasn’t impressed by my performance in school, but she didn’t quite understand if I was

The Trials of Learning Across Time Zones

 Guest Blog by Rinka Shimizu This past winter quarter, I attended my undergraduate classes remotely like every other student during this pandemic. The only difference was that I was doing it from the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Honolulu, Hawaii is where I call home, and this is where I ended up staying while classes remained remote. Like many students navigating these difficult times, I made the decision to stay with family in my hometown and connect to classes from a different time zone. While I missed seeing my friends and studying in the library until the wee hours of

Reflections on My Capstone Project

 Guest Blog by Britain Willcock The Capstone experience in my final quarter of the Master’s in Information Design and Strategy program was the perfect culmination of the skills and ideas learned throughout my time at Northwestern. We were challenged to reflect on the various classes and projects completed in the program and develop a Capstone that aligned with our passions while showcasing the various lessons we had learned. Finding the Focus In brainstorming for my project, I realized that there was a consistent theme I had grasped onto throughout the program: the power of information was only as potent as

Three Web Accessibility Insights to Help Online Learning

 Guest blog by Shar Carpenter Web accessibility provides all students the ability to equally access information and contribute to the class in an online environment. The World Wide Web Consortium (2021) defines web accessibility as the inclusive practice of ensuring everyone, including people with disabilities, can perceive, understand, navigate, and interact with websites and other online tools thus making it an essential aspect of online learning. In addition, web accessibility best practices embrace and work hand-in-hand with the scientific framework of Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a set of guidelines to ensure learning environments are inclusive, flexible, and reduce learning barriers

Looking for the Little Things in Big Data

This post was guest authored by David S. Noffs M.P.H., Ed.D.  Since 2001 Dr. David S. Noffs has worked at Columbia College Chicago as an adjunct faculty member in the Interactive Arts and Media department teaching sound design, web design and programming. In addition, he has worked at Columbia’s Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence as an instructional technologist and designer since 2005. In 2015, David joined Northwestern University as a faculty developer in the School of Professional Studies teaching Information Design and Strategy. The importance of learning analytics I recently attended an online webinar on Canvas Analytics conducted by Jackie