Author: Reba-Anna Lee

The Online Teaching Tourist

Experiencing the unknown We all enjoy traveling, whether for a simple road trip or a two-week vacation abroad. In either situation we are tourists, exploring an unknown area with new and exciting perspectives. We take pictures, meet new people, relax and maybe plan on returning to that destination. Once the trip is complete, we return home to our safe and known environment. We are relieved to return to what we know. We share stories and pictures and reflect on how “different” the vacation spot was from our “normal” life. The adventurer Another type of traveler, that some may call an

Nine Week Assessment Alternatives

At Northwestern, our 10 week terms are already fast-paced. So what happens when the term is shortened by a week, and you have only nine weeks to accomplish your goals as an instructor? How do you decide which content to combine, alter, or even remove? This short guide will outline a few strategies you can consider to modify your course activities, assessment, and content to meet students’ needs within a constrained timeframe. Download a copy of the Nine Week Assessment Alternatives tip sheet. Pre-Work, Examples, and Best Practices What is pre-work? Pre-work is exactly what you think it is. It

2018 UPCEA Summit Recap

Introduction The 2018 UPCEA Summit for Online Leadership and Administration + roundtable  was held between June 18th and 20th in Washington, DC. Two representatives from the School of Professional Studies attended and gave a presentation on collaboration across departments,”Program CPR: Staying Alive in a Changing Global Market”  Read on to learn more about their experiences and lessons learned. Conference overview Suzanne Rovani, Program Coordinator for the Professional Development Programs as SPS and Reba-Anna Lee, Assistant Dean of Distance Learning attended the conference. The conference began with an opening keynote by Bharat N. Anand who is the Henry R. Byers Professor

Reflections on the 2017 QM Connect Conference

Introduction The 2017 Quality Matters Connect Conference was held between September 24th and 27th in Fort Worth, Texas. Two representatives from the Distance Learning department attended and gave presentations on Quality Matters topics, all the way from 1.9 (“Learners are asked to introduce themselves to the class”) to 8.4 (“The course design facilitates readability”). Read on to learn more about their experiences and lessons learned. Reba-Anna Lee, Director of Online Program Development Presenting: As a long time member of the Quality Matters community, I was delighted to attend this year’s conference. I did two presentations, served as a poster judge,