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Add Quiz Questions to Canvas by Converting CSV Files to QTI ZIP Files

It can be time-consuming to add questions manually to a quiz or exam in Canvas, and it is easy to accidentally omit portions of a question, introduce errors such as typos, or improperly identify a correct or incorrect response. Drafting questions directly into Canvas can also be slow and unwieldy. If you’ve been writing your questions in a word processor, you have a long copy-and-paste session ahead of you before your quiz is available to students. When you have lots of quizzes, an extensive exam, or are planning to build question banks, it is more efficient to automate the process.

A Student’s Perspective on Ungrading

Guest Blog by Yerim Lee Growing up in America with stereotypical Asian immigrant parents, I was constantly expected to receive all A’s on my report cards. Even in elementary school, I have vivid memories of grabbing my backpack when I heard my mom come home from work and proudly showing her that I scored a 98% on my spelling quiz. After she took one glance at my score she curiously asked, “That’s good, but why didn’t you score a 100%?” Not to say my mother wasn’t impressed by my performance in school, but she didn’t quite understand if I was

Takeaways from UPCEA 2021 Annual Conference

Introduction This year, the Distance Learning team attended the University Professional and Continuing Education Association (UPCEA) 2021 Annual Conference virtually. For three days in April, this conference brought together leaders in the management, administration, and growth of professional, continuing, and online education programs to share best practices and discuss strategies.  In this blog post, Dr. Angela Xiong and Krissy Wilson share their thoughts on two standout sessions. “Supporting Faculty in the Pivot to Online Instruction: Research Insights and Successful Programming” Review: Dr. Angela Xiong, Learning Designer I chose this session because I was interested in learning about the faculty development

Post-Pandemic Accessibility

Over the last thirteen months of the COVID-19 pandemic and resultant quarantine in the United States, we’ve all had to make a lot of adjustments in how we live, work, teach, and learn. As we look ahead to vaccinations, herd immunity, and the end of lockdown, many people are eager for a “return to normal.” But there are many people who have benefitted, even flourished, from remote working and learning. In education, strategies for remote learning can make classes far more accessible for some disabled students. Remote Learning & Accessibility One of the biggest benefits of remote learning is having

The Sessions We Won’t Miss at the PANACEA 2021 Annual Conference

Next week, the Distance Learning team will attend the Pan-American Continuing Education Association (PANACEA) 2021 Annual Conference. While we are excited for the keynote speakers, poster gallery, and network meetings, we were particularly thrilled to see these often-neglected distance learning topics on the list of concurrent sessions.  Starting off our list of must-sees is this gamification session. It sounds like the team at Meles College has really thought about immersive learning strategies as they share takeaways from their innovative approach to engagement. Digital BADGErs: Incentivizing Student Participation in Remote Learning through Gamification To incentivize student participation in remote learning, Meles