Winter Quarter 2016 Begins Today!

by Christine Scherer

Happy New Year and welcome back to all our faculty, students, and staff. Winter Quarter 2016 starts today, with over a hundred sections of online courses being offered across multiple SPS programs. Included among these programs are several courses in our revised Medical & Health Informatics (MHI) program, including MHI 414, Emerging Federal Regulation & Policy. In this cutting-edge class, Professor Susan Hahn-Reizner “provides a platform for students to track, analyze and apply potential impacts of new and evolving federal regulations and policy” on healthcare, including topics such as “Meaningful Use” criteria, federal & state coordination, and a nationwide health information exchange.

Another course offered this quarter is MSGH 410, Research Methodology, which is taught by Professor Chad Achenbach. The Learning Designer for the course, Jessica Mansbach, described some of the unique projects students will work on this quarter:

The course is designed to introduce global health students to the variety of research methodologies in the field. What makes the course noteworthy is the mix of assignments. In weekly mini-assignments, students practice critiquing and evaluating research articles—a skill they will need in the field. In the full quarter assignments, students practice creating a mini research project based on an original research questions. They also practice the skill of peer review by providing their peers with feedback on the mini research projects.

These courses aim to provide students with the experience and knowledge they will need in their post-Northwestern careers. We’re excited to see what research and information comes out of these courses, and we’re looking forward to hearing student feedback.

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