Announcing the SPS DL Video Recording Studio

by Aaron Bannasch

A new recording studio will soon open in Abbott Hall. The SPS DL Video Recording Studio provides a space for recording high quality video and audio for use in SPS programs. Request to visit the space using the SPS DL Video Recording Studio Request Form or go to the DL Studio Page to learn more.

Highlights of the studio include:

  • High quality HD video and audio production
  • Assistance from SPS DL staff in planning, making, and sharing your video.
  • Convenient Chicago location in Abbott Hall with additional meeting spaces for collaboration, preparation, and rehearsal (we have free coffee, too!)
  • Modern aesthetics
  • Teleprompter for confident, concise presentations

What types of videos can the studio produce?

  • Audio recordings
  • Single person video recordings
  • Handwriting capture using a digital tablet or iPad
  • Screencasts

When does the studio officially open?

Very soon! Use the SPS DL Video Recording Studio Request Form to request a time to use the studio and receive updates about availability as soon as possible.

Why a studio?

Modern consumer electronics enable users to create digital media effortlessly. Even with all of the low cost ways one can create an adequate home, office, or mobile recording setup, nothing quite compares to the quality that can be achieved from using a designated recording space with professional recording equipment. Aesthetically pleasing lighting, noise reducing acoustic panels, and a large teleprompter give the on camera subject the confidence to deliver an excellent presentation without having to worry about technical problems.