Online Group Presentations: July 2016 Online Learning Webinar

by Christine Scherer

July’s Online Webinar, hosted by instructional technologist William Guth, featured a demonstration of his newly developed method for student group project presentation and evaluation. The pre-recording and evaluation method takes advantage of built in and integrated Canvas features and is encouraged for use by any and all faculty whose online curriculum culminates in lengthy final project presentations. The method is designed to both cut down on the stress and length of presentation sessions, as well as stimulate student-led discussion and critical thinking about course content. As demonstrated by the webinars’ lively discussion, the same recording tools can be utilized for any project presentation where “voice over PowerPoint” was the previous presentation solution, offering students a creative and modern alternative to digital presentation challenges. Click on the following link to view the recording of the July Online Webinar. For further information about the pre-recorded presentation and evaluation method, visit our May 2016 blog post Ready, Set, Collaborate.   

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