Reading Annotation

by Christine Scherer

Readings and Resources
Complete the readings below before you participate in the forum for this week. These readings will help you discuss equitable access to health care and further analyze the US health care models.

Required Readings

The following reading is available in Course Reserves.

Wimberley, E. & Rubens, A. (2001). Like Plugging the Holes in a Colander: Health Policy and Provision in the United States Circa the Millennium. In Handbook of International Health Care Systems. pp. 135 – 206. In this piece, the authors use the analogy of a leaking vessel that is being plugged one hole at a time to describe the current state of American health care system. The analysis is quite piercing (pun intended but probably failed) and reflects on a number of key issues such as employee-based coverage and age-related entitlements.

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