Student Services Panel: September 2017 Online Learning Webinar

by Christine Scherer

The September Online Learning Webinar had presenters from Student Services, the Registrar’s Office, the Writing Place, and the University Library. Students may have questions or issues that impact their learning experience, but are beyond the ability of faculty to address. Each presenter explained how the resources in their area can help students and allow faculty to focus on teaching.

Sean Kavanaugh, NU SPS Director of Academic and Career Management, presented on the student experience outside the classroom, the adviser’s role at SPS, and the work of Student Services at SPS and the larger university.

Ashley Cook, NU SPS Registration Lead, detailed the services of the Registrar’s Office, particularly adding, dropping and withdrawing from courses. Transcripts, changes to student records and other requests for the registrar can be made using the forms and documents page.

Krissy Wilson, Writing Place Consultant (and SPS Learning Designer), explained the services that the Writing Place provides, how the writing place can assist students and support faculty, and what the Writing Place student experience is like.

Tracy Coyne, Northwestern Libraries, Schaffner and Distance Learning Librarian, gave an overview of NU’s Library website with a special emphasis on how to search for an item, access library guides, and use the interlibrary loan service. Tracy also discussed the personalized research help librarians can provide.

You can watch a recording of this webinar on Panopto.

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