Group Projects II: October Online Learning Webinar

by Daniel Murphy

For the October webinar, two members of the faculty in the Global Health Program presented group projects they designed and implemented. The solutions they developed, challenges they faced, and the lessons they learned are applicable to a wide variety of subjects. These experiences will be of interest to all faculty who want to develop effective and engaging group projects in their own courses.

Dr. Kristin Darin provided an overview of her group project from MSGH 456: Access to Health and Medicines. She discussed the project design and highlighted successes and challenges to its implementation. Dr. Darin also explained how the project was recently modified in response to instructor observations and student feedback. The project requires groups of students to focus on an intervention that will improve medicine access in a specific global region. The groups create a 20-minute presentation with audio and then later engage in discussion with the class during a 90-minute sync session.

Dr. Arda Gucler presented his ‘Global Health Perspectives Group Project’ from the course, MSGH 417: Global Health Systems. He covered the learning objectives of the assignment, timeline for deliverables (including the team charter, presentation outline and the actual presentation) and the feedback he received from students. In this project, students conduct research to assess the strengths and weaknesses of a country’s health system, while comparing and contrasting it to the US health system. Each group records a five-minute presentation with their findings.

You can watch a recording of the webinar on Panopto.

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