Panopto for Video Recording and Sharing – November 2017 Online Learning Webinar

by Aaron Bannasch

Instructional Technologists William Guth and Aaron Bannasch hosted the November Online Learning Webinar to demonstrate Ways to Use Panopto in Online Courses for Recording and Sharing Videos. Recently announced by Northwestern IT on the Digital Learning website, Panopto is a cloud-based video lecture capture tool for training, teaching, and presenting that allows for easy recording and webcasting as well as the management of video content. Are you interested in trying this new video technology in your course? Contact with questions and share your uses or potential uses of Panopto on the Panopto for Recording and Sharing Videos survey.

Summary of the webinar

The webinar included brief example of the video quizzing features of Panopto, depicted the Panopto desktop recording software interface on both Windows and Mac operating systems, and responded to questions from webinar participants about how to integrate Panopto into new or existing video productions workflows used in online courses. The recording of the webinar can be viewed in its entirety via the embedded Panopto player below.