New Equipment Arrives at the Distance Learning Studio

by Aaron Bannasch

The Distance Learning Studio has received some equipment upgrades in time for Summer course development. If you have yet to record a video in the studio or would like to see how the studio can enhance your course contact and find out! The most significant upgrade has been to install a Sennheiser MKH 50 microphone (a popular broadcast TV microphone) in the studio. This microphone makes audio quality clearer and allows for flexibility in recording styles since its pickup pattern is more capable of capturing a moving subject or more than one subject, such as in a two-person interview recording. In addition the microphone, additional acoustic foam will be installed to improve audio quality in the studio. Support stands and grip equipment have improved available space in the studio and made it more possible to arrange studio equipment in different positions or take it out of the studio for recording in other spaces within Abbott Hall.

The DL recording studio with new lighting and microphone.

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