Interactive Graphic – MSGH 452 – Professor Suzen Moeller & Jackie Wickham

By Christine Scherer

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This graphic was a course asset in MSGH 452. In Professor Moeller’s on-ground classes and guest speaking presentations, this single image was the basis for a lecture that could last for one to two hours, if not longer. However, such a lengthy presentation wasn’t feasible for an online class. She considered presenting the information as a live Sync Session or as a document for students to read, but after weighing the options, she and Jackie settled on this interactive graphic.

Professor Moeller created the original graphic and composed all of the text. Jackie then used Thinglink, a free online tool, to put the graphic together. Majority of the interactivity in the graphic comes from the mouse-over text, but there are also a few embedded links and videos. Photos and music can also be embedded in the text in these types of graphics.

The interactive graphic is easy to edit. Professor Moeller based a discussion board prompt around it, asking students to share their thoughts and contribute ideas for what she may have left off. Some of those student contributions may be included in future versions of the graphic.

Interactive graphics could be used in any course with information that is best conveyed graphically, rather than via text or video. Timelines, flowcharts, and other graphics could be annotated with additional information or links to supplemental material.

Want to learn about creating an interactive graphic for your SPS online course? Contact Instructional Technologist Jackie Wickham for more information.