Adobe Connect

What is Adobe Connect?

Adobe Connect is a web conferencing and training platform. Adobe Connect does not integrate with Canvas, and students and faculty will need to use a separate login and password to access Adobe Connect. Adobe Connect offers basic audio and video conferencing, desktop and application sharing, a whiteboard, in-meeting polling, and a customizable layout.

Examples of Adobe Connect Conferences

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.12.52 PM

This is an example of a video conference within Adobe Connect. This screenshot also shows a customized layout – each window, called a “pod” in Connect, can be moved and/or resized.

When should I use Adobe Connect?

Most faculty should not use Adobe Connect; Blue Jeans provides a more seamless experience for students. However, faculty may wish to use Connect if they use features that Blue Jeans does not offer: creating a specific meeting layout, polling, or the whiteboard functionality.

How do I use Adobe Connect?


To request Adobe Connect accounts for you and your students, e-mail


Adobe Connect provides support for real-time closed captioning and keyboard access. Visit Adobe Connect’s accessibility page for more information.