Canvas Collaborations

What are Canvas Collaborations?

Canvas Collaborations integrates with Google Docs to simplify the collaborative process. Collaborations works well paired with Canvas Groups, so it may be helpful to learn how to create groups before beginning a collaboration. More information about Canvas Groups is available at the link.

Examples of Canvas Collaborations

This video presents an overview of how to use Canvas Collaborations.

This video gives a short explanation of how Collaborations offers a quicker way to share a Google Doc by allowing you to select students from your course roster instead of having to manually invite them through the Google interface.

When should I use Canvas Collaborations?

Use Canvas Collaborations when you want students to collaborate on an assignment or activity. Instead of asking students to email each other a document within their groups, set up Collaborations for each group to save them the step of having to create the document on their own. You can also use a Collaboration with the entire class and quickly create a Google Doc to share with students. This might be useful when writing a document as a group, similar to collaboratively editing a Wikipedia page.

How do I use Canvas Collaborations?


Some helpful guides for creating Collaborations as an instructor are available on the Canvas Community site under the collaborations tag.


Collaborations are part of the Canvas user interface and are accessible by the same standards as the rest of Canvas. However, since Collaborations are dependent on the integration of the third-party platforms, Google Docs, some additional consideration by users of screen readers for accessibility to review Google’s support documentation for working in Google Docs with a screen reader and also visit the accessibility overview page for all Google products.