Canvas Discussion Boards

What are Canvas Discussion Boards?

Canvas Discussions are part of the Canvas LMS and used to facilitate forum based communication in online courses. Details about the functions of Canvas Discussions are available in the tool documentation on the Canvas Community.

Examples of Canvas Discussion Boards

Screenshot of a discussion board conversation on the subject of engaging educational experiences. It includes a prompt, two answers, and a nested reply.

Above is an example of a Canvas discussion that was used in the Summer 2016 Faculty Training course site. If you would like to practice using the Canvas Discussion tool, please contact and ask to be enrolled in a sandbox site.

When should I use Canvas Discussion Boards?

Canvas Discussions are useful for asynchronous communication. Discussions are most effective when they are focused and concise. Discussions can be used as assignments or for open communication between classmates or the instructor and students. The following blog posts on the DL website offer ideas of how to use Canvas Discussions: Let’s Give ‘Em Something To Talk About, Part 1 and Part 2.

How do I use Canvas Discussion Boards?


Detailed documentation for using the Canvas Discussions are available on the Canvas Community site.


Discussions are text-based but can include multimedia. Images, videos, or audio added to discussions should consider the accessibility needs of students and follow accessibility best practices.