Canvas Video

What is Canvas Video?

Canvas video is a built in function of the rich content editor. Any page where a faculty or student can create or affect content will offer a view of the rich content editor and thus access to Canvas video tools. This can include Content Pages, Discussion Forums, Assignments, and Quizzes. Students or faculty with access to the rich content editor can create videos on the spot using this tool, or upload a video they have created elsewhere. Learn how to record and upload videos on the Canvas Community site.

Examples of Canvas Videos

Canvas Video Screenshot 01 Canvas Video Screenshot 02 Canvas Video Screenshot 03 Canvas Video Screenshot 04

When should I use Canvas Video?

Canvas video is an excellent tool for adding media enhancement to your course. Faculty can use this tool for recording announcements, discussion board responses, or value added content as learning materials. This is a great tool for adding new or supplemental video content to your course when a change in industry or best practices is announced in the media or a trade magazine, and you want to share the information with students tout de suite. Using Canvas video adds much needed human presence and personalization into the online presence.

How do I use Canvas Video?


This image-enhanced, step by step guide demonstrates how to record video using the Canvas Video tool.

This image-enhanced, step by step guide demonstrates how to upload video using the Canvas Video tool.


Faculty who create or upload content using Canvas video can also make their content accessible by adding captions. If you have your caption file ready to go, please view the Canvas guide on adding captions using Canvas video. If you have your script handy, but need help preparing caption files, or have no script notes, contact a learning designer to get you started in the captioning process.