Edit and Update an Adobe Connect Meeting Room Link in Canvas


In a previous video it was demonstrated how to add your Adobe Connect meeting room link to a new course for the purpose of hosting synchronous sessions with students.

But, as instructors often do, you may have copied or inherited a course that was built and taught by other faculty, and contains an Adobe Connect meeting room link other than your own.

Thankfully, the process for editing and updating this link is as simple as copy and paste.

First, navigate to your Adobe Connect account at nwuinversity.adobeconnect.com and identify the meeting room link your students will need to access. Select and copy this link and hang on to it for a just few minutes.

Second, return to your Canvas course site and navigate to the Settings page. Select the Apps tab up top, and then click the button marked View App Configurations.

A list of all the active apps and learning tools in your course will be listed here.

Search for the app labeled Web Conference Link, Adobe Meeting Room or Sync Session Link and click on the pencil icon which opens the Edit App window.

If you’re not sure what the app was labeled originally, search among the apps with with a pencil icon, as those are the only apps you will be able to update.

Near the bottom of this Edit App window is a large data field labeled Custom Fields which contains the characters URL= followed by the meeting room link of your predecessor.

Select the old link starting from HTTP:// and paste in the link you copied only moments ago.

You’ll notice that the new link is similar to the old one, up until the ending.

Be sure to check this extension to make sure it is entirely correct. Unless you have a custom extension, your extension will include your graduate program abbreviation, in this case PREDICT, followed by the course number, and your last name.

To finalize your changes, click the Submit button at the bottom and your update is complete.

Now, click on the Sync Session Link in your left navigation to confirm that your update was successful.

If your update was not successful, and you require immediate assistance, pick up the nearest phone and dial (312) 503-3333 to speak with SPS IT.

Thank you for watching, and be sure to visit us often for more tips on Canvas course site management and DIY maintenance.