Google Email and Apps Guide

Getting Started with University-Provided Google Email and Apps

Student emails are activated at the same time NetIDs are activated. Students can access their Google Email and Apps at, which is also linked at the top of

Faculty and Staff who want to use Google Apps can request an account by contacting NUIT

Gmail log-in page.


Northwestern University Homepage


As of April 16, 2015, you are no longer able to log into the accounts with your NetID login/password combo. Students can reset their passwords by following the instructions here. NUIT provides an overview here. Per NUIT, students should direct all questions regarding accounts to the IT Support Center by calling 847-491-4357 (1-HELP).

Accessing Google Apps

In addition to accessing email, students can use the suite of Google Apps, including Drive. To access Drive and all other Google Apps, click the Apps icon, located in the top-right of the screen.

Gmail inbox with Apps icon highlighted and opened.

Syncing Google Drive with Canvas

In Canvas, all users can authorize their Google Drive accounts for access to Google Collaborations, and students can upload an assignment from Google Drive. You can check out this help guide from Instructure or watch this helpful video.