@U Google Account Request Guide

Requesting an @U Gmail Account (abbreviated guide)

  1. Send an email to consultant@northwestern.edu* with a subject and message similar to: “Staff @U Gmail Activation Request” and “I am requesting an @U Gmail address to use the collaborative functions of Google Docs.”
  2. Wait for an automated response from the IT Service Manager stating something like this: “Thank you for submitting an IT support request. If you have submitted a new request by email or through our Web site, we will respond as soon as possible, generally within one business day…”
  3. Receive an additional notification: “You may activate your @u email by sending a reply to this email requesting one for collaboration purposes. We will then provision the account for you. Any questions can be sent in a reply email as well, or call 847-491-4357.”
  4. Send the additional reply.
  5. Receive a final email like the one listed below:

“Your @u.northwestern.edu account is now available for sharing documents, calendars, sites, and groups with Northwestern students and faculty.

You can log in to your @u account with your NetID and NetID password at http://u.northwestern.edu.

Your @u.northwestern.edu address is now displayed on your Online Directory record as “student collaboration account”. You should direct students to use this address for sharing within the @u system.

Important: Please continue to use your @northwestern.edu account as your official University email… etc.”

*Note: Even though you send your initial request to consultant@northwestern.edu, all follow-up communications regarding your request will still come from the it.service@northwestern.edu address. If you send your initial message directly to the IT Service Manager you will be instructed to send it to consultant@northwestern.edu. If you experience difficulty, contact distanceeducation@northwestern.edu for assistance.