One Button Studio

What is the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio is a recording space for producing short videos. The system originated at Penn State as an open-source project. At Northwestern, the One Button Studio is designed to reduce the amount of technical setup and allows users to record presentations, lectures, interviews, or other simple videos without having to adjust the camera, microphone, lighting, visual aids, or other common video production elements. The simplicity of the One Button Studio is what gives the studio its name, effectively reducing the interacting with the technology to the push of a single button.

Examples of One Button Studio Videos

Examples of types of videos produced in the One Button Studio can be viewed on the MMLC website. A list of projects that the One Button Studio is useful for are listed on the Northwestern IT website. They include delivering a lecture to an online class or creating a demonstration module.

When should I use the One Button Studio?

The One Button Studio has a variety of applications, including student use. Presentations or lectures that have simple visual aids and are pre-planned with a short outline work best in the studio. The One Button Studio is also a great place to practice and refine your videos, allowing you to record a video multiple times and easily review it to reflect on the content and self-edit to make the most effective video possible.

How do I use the One Button Studio?


The One Button Studio has guides and recommendations for preparing to use the studio on the Northwestern website. Reservations can be made using the Library room booking system. The School of Education and Social Policy has also produced a guide for using the studio based on the original guide from Northwestern IT.


Once your videos are produced and ready to share, work with your learning designer to prepare closed captioning files. If you scripted your recording, your learning designer and instructional technologist can convert your script into a caption file. Otherwise, your video will be processed with the help of our captioning service providers behind the scenes, and in a matter of days.