What is Thinglink?

ThingLink is an interactive content creation tool that’s used to add rich media to graphics and videos. With ThingLink, faculty can create images with embedded links to text, video (found or created), audio, photos, websites, maps, polls, or social media. ThingLink collects data on hovers, clicks, and time spent on each image’s hotspots.

Examples of Thinglink Images

This photo shows how a concept map can be made interactive by adding hotspots via Thinglink. You can use a found image or create your own.

More examples can be found at

When should I use Thinglink?

Faculty can use Thinglink as an alternative to creating a video or assigning another reading.

How do I use Thinglink?


This video shows how to use the Thinglink interface. SPS Distance Learning has a premium account; contact an instructional technologist at for access information.


Like any complex image, Thinglinks require a descriptive text transcript accompanying them. This transcript should include a description of the image and all of the text and links included in the Thinglink.