What is Yellowdig?

Yellowdig is a social pinboard that allows students to share resources and articles in a modern, easy to use format.

Examples of Yellowdig Discussions

Screen Shot 2016-07-12 at 12.18.27 PM

This is a screenshot of a post and its replies in the Yellowdig interface. Student feedback indicates that they appreciate its modern appearance.

When should I use Yellowdig?

Yellowdig is a tool to increase student engagement and interaction. It is best used for discussions that span the entire quarter and require students to incorporate outside resources.

How do I use Yellowdig?


An instructional technologist can add Yellowdig to your Canvas course site; e-mail

Professor Onboarding Guide to YellowDig – a step by step guide to integrating Yellowdig into your course and beginning to use it.


Yellowdig is screenreader compliant. For more information, visit Yellowdig’s accessibility page.