Milestones & Timeline

Development Milestones

The Development Milestones are payment milestones. They are dependent on several deliverables being completed which then release the first and second payments for the faculty developer. These milestones will coincide with the development timeline or the timeline developed with the Learning Designer. However, they do not necessarily drive either one of these timelines. These milestones were developed to assess when certain pieces of the online course were developed and ready for review. Thus, they became linked to the payment part of the development process. Milestone 1 release the first part of the payment (the amount depends on the type of development) and Milestone 2 completion release s the remainder of the payment.

Milestone 1

Milestone 1 centers on the faculty developer’s introduction to the development process, building a relationship with the Learning Designer and starting to build the basic pieces of the online course. The goal of Milestone 1 is payment based but also focuses on several deliverables upon which the releasing of the first payment is based.

Milestone 1 Deliverables

  • Kickoff meeting with Learning Designer
  • Pre-course questionnaire completed
  • Draft a course description for program website
  • Develop a draft syllabus
  • Meet with the DL Content Specialist to review copyright and accessibility

Milestone 2 Deliverables

  • Final Copyedit/Accessibility review by technical editor
  • Course Presentation
  • Completion of Course Assessment form by LD and FD
  • Necessary feedback is used to finalize course

Development Timeline

Ideally, the development cycle will be 6 months or longer per course.