Standard 3: Assessment and Measurement

General Standard 3 -­ Assessment and Measurement

The plan for measuring students’ learning is clear and includes a variety of strategies.  


The five substandards in this section discuss the importance of including a variety of assessments that adequately measure students’ progress on learning objectives, a clear grading policy, a clear explanation for students about the standards by which their work will be evaluated, and strategies for students to use to monitor their learning progress.


3.2 The course grading policy is stated clearly

Students can access a list of each of the assignments and how they will be graded.

3.4 The assessment instruments selected are sequenced, varied, and suited to the learner work being assessed.

Students complete different types of assessments ranging from defining terms to applying terms to creating an original product using the terms.

3.5 The course provides learners with multiple opportunities to track their learning progress.

Students can submit drafts, take self-tests, do peer review, or play interactive games that include feedback.

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