Standard 5­: Course Activities and Learner Interaction

General Standard 5­ – Course Activities and Learner Interaction

To meet this standard, the course must include a set of activities that encourage active learning and support the learning objectives, promoting deeper student engagement.


The four substandards in this section discuss activities that promote interaction among learners, lay out a clear plan for instructor response time and feedback on assignments, and set clear expectations for how learners should interact.


5.1 Learning activities promote the achievement of the stated learning objectives and competencies. Below is an example of a learning objective from a public relations course.

Learning objective: Generate several pieces of communication to share information with stakeholders.

Activities: Students create a press release, proactive communication material, reactive communication material, and a communication plan.

<p”>5.2 Learning activities provide opportunities for interaction that support active learning.

Students do activities that require different types of interaction, such as full class discussion, receiving feedback on assignments, and peer reviews.

5.3 The instructor’s plan for response time and feedback on assignments is clearly stated.

The syllabus lays out the plan for giving feedback on assignments, responding to discussions, and responding to emails.

5.4 The requirements for learner interaction are clearly stated.

The frequency and length of time along with the activity associated with each student interaction is clearly described in a statement in the syllabus or in the course information page.

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