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Five Key Takeaways from the Distance Teaching and Learning Conference 2016

Introduction In the first week of August, I spent three days soaking up the latest in technology, strategy, and policy at the 32nd annual Distance Teaching and Learning Conference held at the Monona Terrace in Madison, Wisconsin by–you guessed it–the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Started by distance learning theorist Michael Moore in 1984, today the conference contains over 130 sessions, including keynote speakers, panels, presentations, posters, small-group discussions, and networking events. At the general session and opening keynote, Moore sat at my table. When a slide came up saying that this conference would never have happened without him, we

Looking for the Little Things in Big Data

This post was guest authored by David S. Noffs M.P.H., Ed.D.  Since 2001 Dr. David S. Noffs has worked at Columbia College Chicago as an adjunct faculty member in the Interactive Arts and Media department teaching sound design, web design and programming. In addition, he has worked at Columbia’s Center for Innovation in Teaching Excellence as an instructional technologist and designer since 2005. In 2015, David joined Northwestern University as a faculty developer in the School of Professional Studies teaching Information Design and Strategy. The importance of learning analytics I recently attended an online webinar on Canvas Analytics conducted by Jackie

Building Roadmaps with Canvas Icons

Are the students in your online class unsure how to approach the week’s tasks? There are many solutions, and I’ve seen everything from built-in LMS features like completion tracking to printable checklists. One particularly elegant addition to an online course is the roadmap. Learning Designer Jessica Mansbach discussed the benefits that roadmaps can afford in her October 2015 blog post How to Keep Students from Getting Lost in Your Course. They are useful to both students and instructors. “[Students] can more easily make sense of how to proceed through the course and how to use the course resources,” she explains,

Offline Access to Course Materials

In December, Canvas announced a new feature to download course materials in EPUB format for viewing as an ebook. The feature is still in beta testing and as of the publish date of this blog post Canvas has not announced a date to move the feature out of beta. The feature will be useful for reading content offline, but does not allow interactions with the course material in the same way the fully online mobile app and browser based Canvas interfaces do. For example, you can navigate a course’s basic structure and read content pages, announcements, assignment instructions, or other static content in

Canvas Analytics: March 2016 Online Learning Webinar

The March Online Learning Webinar focused on Canvas Analytics. Jackie Wickham, instructional technologist, provided an overview of three different types of built-in Canvas Analytics for instructors: Course Analytics, Course Statistics, and the Student Interactions Report. Analytics for Zaption and YellowDig were also discussed. The webinar concluded with a preview of upcoming analytics initiatives. A recording of the webinar is available here, via Adobe Connect. For more information, please contact Jackie Wickham at jackie@northwestern.edu.