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Word Cloud Activities: Engaging Learners in the Online Classroom

In the online classroom, word clouds can be a fun, simple, low-stakes way to collect and convey information among learners. Of course, there are those who push back on the use of word clouds, like software architect Jacob Harris who says, “word clouds support only the crudest sorts of textual analysis, much like figuring out a protein by getting a count only of its amino acids.” But, some of us also counter that and say things like if appropriately designed, framed for the right audience, and the purpose is clear and meaningful, word clouds can be effective, engaging activities for adult

The Importance of Icebreakers In Online Classes

If you read the Chronicle Of Higher Education or follow coverage about online learning in popular media, a persistent question emerges: How can teachers build community in online courses? These publications frequently cite the importance of creating community in online courses. But, as instructors and designers, how do we do that? How do we create a supportive, friendly, intellectually stimulating learning environment among adult learners who may never see each other in person? One way to create this sense of community is through the use of icebreakers. Icebreakers are interactive activities that help students and instructors get to know each