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Fall Quarter 2015 and IDS Launch!

Fall Quarter 2015 started last week, with over a hundred sections of online courses running. Among those courses are the first offerings in our newest graduate program, the Masters of Science in Information Design & Strategy. Students are enrolled in IDS 401 – Models and Theories of User-Centered Design and IDS 403 – Effective Communication. IDS 401, taught by Brad Gerstein, is the introductory course to the IDS program: The User-Centered Design course gives students hands-on experience with the latest design frameworks and methodologies that focus on the end user. Students will learn how a user- focused design process can

news@SPS DL: Graphic Design USA Names IDS as a Program to Watch in 2015

The IDS faculty and SPS DL team are hard at work on designing and building the first courses for the new Information Design and Strategy, but the new program is already attracting attention. GD USA, a lead news magazine for graphic designers & other creative professionals, highlighted the IDS program in their March 2015 feature on Top US Design Schools. They emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of the program, saying “[IDS] is particularly useful for people in creative fields who want a stronger grounding in business strategy, so that they can expand career opportunities and make a larger impact on their organizations.” This

news@SPS DL: MS in Information Design Coming Fall 2015

Northwestern University School of Professional Studies has announced a new master’s program in Information Design and Strategy (IDS). The MS in IDS is an interdisciplinary program that incorporates of graphic design, business leadership, data analytics, and more. It’s also a field that many of our staff have a professional interest in, as we determine some of the best ways to share educational information through the courses that we help to create. The course development process will be starting soon, and we’re looking forward to working with IDS faculty to build their courses—and learn even more about information design in the