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A Student’s Perspective on Ungrading

Guest Blog by Yerim Lee Growing up in America with stereotypical Asian immigrant parents, I was constantly expected to receive all A’s on my report cards. Even in elementary school, I have vivid memories of grabbing my backpack when I heard my mom come home from work and proudly showing her that I scored a 98% on my spelling quiz. After she took one glance at my score she curiously asked, “That’s good, but why didn’t you score a 100%?” Not to say my mother wasn’t impressed by my performance in school, but she didn’t quite understand if I was

Talk It Out, Assign a Podcast

Overview If you had asked me in 2008 if podcasts would be this popular in 2021, I would have guessed not. iTunes U, which began as an audio lecture series offered for free on iTunes in 2007, is winding down, but podcasts on the whole have experienced a renaissance in the last few years.  Last Sunday, I opened the New York Times to find a special section smack in the middle of Arts&Leisure called “The Revolution In Your Ears.” There, on pages 10-15, were a series of articles on podcasts, including “The State of the Podcast,” “What We Are Hearing