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Quality Matters: May 2016 Online Learning Webinar

In this Learning Webinar, the Director of Online Program Development, Dr. Reba-Anna Lee covered the Quality Matters Standards Rubric in depth. She focused on how the standards are defined and some of the ways they can be met in an online/hybrid course. The purpose was for faculty to gain a working knowledge of Quality Matters Standards 1-8 that will help in designing/redesigning an online/hybrid course. This was the second of two Quality Matters webinars offered by The School of Professional Studies Office of Distance Learning during the Spring 2016 quarter. A recording of the session is available on Adobe Connect.

Creating a Syllabus Using Quality Matters Standards

What does a quality online course look like? How do we make sure every course is high quality? How do we measure or define quality? Those are all tough questions we ask ourselves every day (or at least very, very frequently) as we design and develop online courses. The Distance Learning team has been working hard to establish and implement quality standards using Quality Matters (QM): “a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.” We use QM as framework for quality throughout our course design process, from start to finish,

Quality Matters: April 2016 Online Learning Webinar

The April Online Learning Webinar focused on Quality Matters. Reba-Anna Lee, Director of Online Program Development, provided an overview of Quality Matters. She highlighted the program’s underlining principles, purpose and standards rubric. The webinar concluded with a preview of the second part of the series which will focus on the application of the QM rubric to online course design. A recording of the webinar is available via Adobe Connect. For more information, please contact Reba-Anna Lee at reba-anna.lee@northwestern.edu.