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Building Roadmaps with Canvas Icons

Are the students in your online class unsure how to approach the week’s tasks? There are many solutions, and I’ve seen everything from built-in LMS features like completion tracking to printable checklists. One particularly elegant addition to an online course is the roadmap. Learning Designer Jessica Mansbach discussed the benefits that roadmaps can afford in her October 2015 blog post How to Keep Students from Getting Lost in Your Course. They are useful to both students and instructors. “[Students] can more easily make sense of how to proceed through the course and how to use the course resources,” she explains,

How To Keep Students From Getting Lost In Your Course

If you have to reach an unfamiliar destination, a common practice is to use a road map. The road map shows you where to go and how to get there. The road map gives you information about what you can expect to see along your journey, what kind of progress you are making on your journey, and where you need to travel to reach your final destination. There are also landmarks that serve as indicators of whether you are following the right path to reach your destination. In the same way that a road map provides you with a route