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Rubrics: A Clear Pathway to Success, Part 2

In my recent blog post Rubrics: A Clear Pathway To Success, I discussed the purpose of a rubric and its value for students and instructors. In this post, I will discuss three key ingredients of rubrics, different types of rubrics, and  how to select a rubric. I will also explain how to create rubrics in Canvas. Three Key Ingredients Effective rubrics contain three essential features (Reddy & Andrade, 2010). Evaluation Criteria: Evaluation criteria are the set of indicators (e.g., knowledge and behaviors) that will be measured to gather evidence about students’ mastery of the task or assignment (Reddy & Andrade,

Rubrics: A Clear Pathway To Success

If you follow any higher education-related publication like Faculty Focus, The Chronicle of Higher Education, or Inside Higher Education you may have noticed that there has been ample discussion about rubrics. Topics like why use rubrics come up repeatedly in these publications, and in this blog post I will address some of these issues. A rubric, usually formatted as a table, is a set of standards students need to meet to achieve success on assignments. In her article Using Rubrics to Improve Online Teaching, Learning, and Retention, Rippe (2009) explains, “A well-designed rubric is an effective communication tool. It emphasizes