Welcome to SPS Distance Learning

by Christine Scherer

Welcome to the SPS Distance Learning blog! We plan to use this space to share information and resources for online education. Unlike the rest of the site, which contains detailed how-to guides and collections of resources, the blog will be a place for a wider variety of information. Best practices, reviews of new technologies, summaries of research from conferences: these are all things that the Distance Learning staff will be sharing here.

But this isn’t just a place for the DL staff to share what they know. We want to give our faculty the opportunity to share what they’ve learned from teaching their online classes. Through guest posts, interviews, and more, our faculty will have a platform to exchange practical advice based on their experiences in running online courses, as well as their perspectives on online teaching philosophy.

We hope that this blog will help to start conversations among the DL staff and faculty about teaching online at Northwestern. Check in or subscribe to our RSS feed for new posts every Monday!

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