How-To Create a Remote Guest Video Lecture

Remote guest lecturers are welcome to create videos for online courses at the invitation of the SPS faculty. Guest video lecture fees are dispersed by SPS for an artifact that will remain part of the curriculum of the course. These produced materials are reused over multiple subsequent offerings of the course so they need to be been edited for both quality and conciseness. We encourage remote guests to volunteer additional time to meet with students during synchronous web conferences or interact with them through the Canvas discussions, but the payment is for a recording or other high quality deliverable that exists independent of student input.

Skype, and other streaming video services like Adobe Connect and Google Hangouts, have proven to be an unreliable method for creating course content overall. SPS has other resources that we can provide to the guest lecturer that will allow them to create better recordings than they could using Skype or another similar service.

However, Skype would be fine as a preliminary mode of conducting the research that would ultimately result in a scripted video lecture or similar artifact, but the deliverable that the remote guest lecturer will be compensated for is the final product, not the documented correspondence leading up to it.

Affiliate NetID accounts can be authorized for remote guests who are invited to participate in the Canvas course site. To request an Affiliate NetID, send the name and email address of the remote guest to along with the desired duration of enrollment.

Read the blog post, Guest Speaker Participation, for an example of how it worked in MSGH 452.