How to Copy Your Course Sites in Canvas


In this video I will be demonstrating how to copy a course from one site to another, as you may be required to copy your own course sites from quarter to quarter.

In order to copy successfully, you are going to need a course site of origin, and a destination course site. You might also hear these referred to as a “course shell.”

The destination course site is the course section you will be teaching in an upcoming quarter, and the course you will be copying into.

The course site of origin may be baseline site that you have recently developed, or content from a course you have recently taught.

  1. Starting from the home page of your destination course, click on Settings in your left hand navigation.
  2. Once the page loads, you will click on the button labeled Import Content into this course from the right hand side of your screen.
  3. The first item you will select is Copy a Canvas Course from the Content Type menu.
  4. Next you will Select a course by entering in a course name, or selecting a course from the drop down menu.

For example, you might copy and paste the course name from a course section you have previously taught. You can find the course name of any course in bold lettering, located in the upper left corner of any course site.

Alternatively, you can type in the first few characters of a course name, and your options will populate a drop down menu below.

  1. Once you have selected the correct course, check the option for All Content and click the blue Import button.

Your course copy is now queued up for copy, and will begin almost immediately. The entire process will take just a few minutes, and a green indicator will display Completed once the copy is complete.

At this point, you should click on the Home page or any course page to confirm that the copy was successful.

If for some reason there was a mistake, or you copied the wrong content, you can easily reset the course and repeat these steps, by returning to your Settings page and clicking the button labeled Reset Course Content.

Click the red Reset Course Content button to confirm, and your course site will return to its original state.

Thank you for watching, and visit us often for more tips on better managing your course site in Canvas.