Add Your Adobe Connect Meeting Room Link


This video will demonstrate how to quickly and easily add your Adobe Connect meeting room link in Canvas to the sections of courses you are teaching and facilitating.

To begin, you will first need to locate your Adobe Connect meeting room link, which you can find in your Adobe Connect account at

If you do not have a link yet, or cannot access your account, please reach out to your Adobe Connect administrator by e-mail through

Next you will return Canvas and locate the course where the Sync Session link is needed.

From there you will click on Settings in the left hand navigation, then on the Apps tab located in Settings.

Run a search for the Redirect Tool, in the empty field labeled Filter by name.

Select the Tool, then choose Add Tool.

Inside the Add App menu you’ll give a title for the link: Sync Session Link, check the box to Show in Course Navigation, and hit Submit.

Note that the link will not appear right away. Simply click to Home, or any other part of the course, and the new link will appear at the bottom of your left hand navigation.

Please also note that this method is not designed for adding any/all external links to your course, which will be covered in another video titled How to Add External Links to your Canvas Course.