Online Learning Webinars

Lowering the Cost of College with Open Educational Resources – October 2018 Online Learning Webinar

The cost of commercial textbooks can be a roadblock to student learning, but open textbooks offer high quality alternatives to instructors. According to US Public Interest Research Group, upwards of 65% of students decide against buying a textbook because of cost. Librarians at Northwestern have identified open and free textbook options relevant to courses taught within SPS. In this webinar, Northwestern librarians Chris Diaz and Lauren McKeen discussed the state of textbook costs and shared how open educational resources can provide alternatives to commercial textbook options. Participants learned about high-quality open textbook resources, heard examples of open textbook use in

Beyond Entertainment: Using Gamification to Engage Online Students – September 2018 Online Learning Webinar

Gamification is heard a lot in education, but some are still not sure what it means. In this webinar, learning designer Jacob Guerra-Martinez outlined the basics of gamification, focusing on the difference between using game concepts in a course as opposed to game play. It will go over the advantages of using game concepts, and how they can be easily implemented into an online course. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.  

Top 5 Missed Quality Matters Standards – August 2018 Online Learning Webinar

When you develop an online course with the Distance Learning department, we have the Quality Matters (QM) framework in the backs of our minds. In this webinar, senior learning designer Krissy Wilson briefly reviewed what QM is and talked through five frequently missed standards. She discussed the ways we are already meeting (or could meet) these standards in our classes, and shared ways that we have met these standards in the past. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.  

Academic Integrity and Identity Verification – June 2018 Online Learning Webinar

In this webinar, ┬áJessica Benjamin, Director of Business Development at Examity, and Soo La Kim, Assistant Dean of Graduate Programs at SPS, discussed academic integrity in online education. Topics of discussion included online student identity verification, proctored assessments, and both technological and pedagogical best practices faculty can use to ensure a culture of academic integrity in their online courses. Watch a recording on Panopto, or via the embedded video below.