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Creating a Syllabus Using Quality Matters Standards

What does a quality online course look like? How do we make sure every course is high quality? How do we measure or define quality? Those are all tough questions we ask ourselves every day (or at least very, very frequently) as we design and develop online courses. The Distance Learning team has been working hard to establish and implement quality standards using Quality Matters (QM): “a faculty-centered, peer review process that is designed to certify the quality of online courses and online components.” We use QM as framework for quality throughout our course design process, from start to finish,

The Importance of a Syllabus

If you have designed or redesigned a course, then you have likely taken part in a conversation about the course syllabus. From these conversations, you know that the course has to have a syllabus prepared in advance, and that the syllabus will be one of the first items in the course that the students review. But what is a syllabus? What information does a syllabus communicate about you and your course? This post answers these frequently asked questions about syllabi. What Is A Syllabus? A syllabus is a document that contains important information about your class. Typically, for an online