Author: Jackie Wickham

What’s New in Canvas? – October 2016

Both Instructure (Canvas’ parent company) and Northwestern Information Technology are always making changes and improvements to Canvas – sometimes it can be hard to keep up! Keep reading to learn about some of the biggest and best new things in Canvas. Northwestern’s Learning App Store Northwestern Information Technology has launched the Learning App Store, an easy way to add learning apps developed at Northwestern to your Canvas course site. Currently, four apps are available in the Learning App Store: Nebula, Discussion Analytics, YellowDig Viz, and UDOIT, with more on the way! Nebula Since Nebula was first launched, it’s become much

Incorporating Current Events into Online Course Content

Because of Northwestern University’s quarter system, teaching the same course four times each year can start to feel repetitive! One way to keep your course up to date and interesting is to incorporate current events into your course content and facilitation. Current events can also be used to customize the course to each cohort’s interests and keep students up to date on the happenings in the field they want to work in. Below are four easy ways to incorporate current events into your online course. 1. Take advantage of the library’s E-Journal subscriptions. The library subscribes to 158,013 electronic journals!

Scaling Assessments Using Zaption and

Recently, IMC Professor Judy Franks presented an interesting issue: her student evaluation feedback indicated that her students absolutely loved her course, but were overwhelmed with the workload. In addition, she was asked to teach three sections of the course in the upcoming quarter. Combined, these issues pointed to the need to streamline the assessments in her course to decrease student time spent completing them as well as faculty time spent grading. Professor Franks wanted to use technology to maintain the rigor of her assessments and make it easier to provide enough feedback to each student. We focused on two assessments

TCC Online Conference Reflections

The Distance Learning Team recently attended the TCC Online Conference hosted by TCC Hawaii. Because the conference was virtual, the team brought Hawaii to their office in Chicago via decorations, Hawaiian music, and Hawaiian snacks while they enjoyed the webinars. Conference topics included connecting with students, providing constructive feedback, building faculty community, and using video and humor in online courses. A topic that resonated with me was the first webinar we attended, “Are We Connecting? Strategies for Online Student Success” by Marsha Morgenstern, Tina Miller, Amy Winger, and Louisa Fordyce from University of Phoenix. The presenters discussed scaffolding, tone, multimedia

Maximizing Your Synchronous Sessions – Part II: Agenda

In the School of Professional Studies, most students are busy adult professionals who have to carefully carve time out to focus on coursework. This post is part two of a series on how to make the most of synchronous time, or time when all students in the course and the instructor are online at the same time. Part I focused on technology: how to choose an appropriate web conferencing tool, provide connection information to students, and give students the opportunity to test the technology prior to the session. This post provides three strategies to assist you in planning a synchronous