Online Learning Webinars

Stories That Stick: Storytelling as a Meaningful Teaching Strategy Webinar: October 2016 Online Learning Webinar

Learning Designer Jessica Mansbach and Director of Faculty Programs at the Searle Center for Advancing Learning and Teaching Susanna Calkins hosted the October Online Learning Webinar, Stories That Stick: Storytelling as a Meaningful Teaching Strategy. Jessica and Susanna addressed how to use storytelling as an effective teaching strategy. Listen to the webinar recording to learn how to incorporate storytelling as a strategy to engage students, to help students make meaningful connections to course material, and to build relationships with your students. Jessica and Susanna also discussed the rationale for using storytelling as a teaching strategy, the elements of a sticky

Ten Ways to Spice Up Online Discussions: September Online Learning Webinar

Instructional Technologist Jackie Wickham hosted the September Online Learning Webinar, Ten Ways to Spice Up Online Discussions. The recording is available on Blue Jeans, and you can provide feedback and suggest topics for future Online Learning Webinars. The ideas and resources that Jackie shared in the webinar are outlined below: Require students to use media – a picture, audio, or video – in their discussion posts. This Canvas Guide shows how to record and upload video within Canvas. Use the Discussion Analytics tool developed by Northwestern Information Technology to get data on student participation and discussion themes. Encourage storytelling. Asking

DL Studio: August 2016 Online Learning Webinar

William and Aaron hosted a webinar about uses for the studio. They demonstrated the following four features of the studio: Ability to record multi-angle demonstrations Capture handwriting lessons using a digitizer tablet or mini lightboard Record high quality podcast audio or voiceover for screencasts Replace green screen backdrop with custom graphic or setting to contextualize video The webinar audience included local instructors who are able to visit the Chicago campus or are designing a course that will be taught on campus for Chicago campus students to do an activity in the studio. Recommendations for studio uses at this time include:

Online Group Presentations: July 2016 Online Learning Webinar

July’s Online Webinar, hosted by instructional technologist William Guth, featured a demonstration of his newly developed method for student group project presentation and evaluation. The pre-recording and evaluation method takes advantage of built in and integrated Canvas features and is encouraged for use by any and all faculty whose online curriculum culminates in lengthy final project presentations. The method is designed to both cut down on the stress and length of presentation sessions, as well as stimulate student-led discussion and critical thinking about course content. As demonstrated by the webinars’ lively discussion, the same recording tools can be utilized for

Blue Jeans: June 2016 Online Learning Webinar

June’s Online Learning Webinar, hosted by instructional technologist Jackie Wickham, was a demo of Blue Jeans, Northwestern’s new web conferencing software that integrates with Canvas. Online faculty in the School of Professional Studies are encouraged to use Blue Jeans to host synchronous class meetings or meetings with students. Beginning in the Fall 2016 quarter, Blue Jeans will be the default option for web conferencing at SPS; faculty wishing to use Adobe Connect will need to request an account by e-mailing A recording of the June Online Learning Webinar can be found here. The next Online Learning Webinar will take