Author: Aaron Bannasch

Selecting a Video Style

What type of video should I make? If you arrived at this blog post hoping for a prescriptive answer to that question, you won’t find it here. Instead you will find a framework for including video in your online course, a framework to help you focus your course development efforts by narrowing the process of making a video down to three main sequences of events. Begin by identifying the need for a video solution The proliferation of video-enabled devices, as well as the tradition of capturing lecture for use in online courses, may have set up the expectation that you

Help Your Students Make Better Virtual Presentations

Common activities that occur in many professional and classroom settings, like giving a presentation, don’t always work in a distance learning environment in the ways we would expect. Differences in technology platforms can make the fairly simple process of talking and showing something to a group a difficult task. Fortunately, many students today frequently communicate through digital media and the amount of available options continues to grow. Humans are a species that uniquely use language to imagine and create narratives. Throughout our evolution we have developed ways to share these with each other that traverse time and place. This blog post will cover a

Offline Access to Course Materials

In December, Canvas announced a new feature to download course materials in EPUB format for viewing as an ebook. The feature is still in beta testing and as of the publish date of this blog post Canvas has not announced a date to move the feature out of beta. The feature will be useful for reading content offline, but does not allow interactions with the course material in the same way the fully online mobile app and browser based Canvas interfaces do. For example, you can navigate a course’s basic structure and read content pages, announcements, assignment instructions, or other static content in

Announcing the SPS DL Video Recording Studio

A new recording studio will soon open in Abbott Hall. The SPS DL Video Recording Studio provides a space for recording high quality video and audio for use in SPS programs. Request to visit the space using the SPS DL Video Recording Studio Request Form or go to the DL Studio Page to learn more. Highlights of the studio include: High quality HD video and audio production Assistance from SPS DL staff in planning, making, and sharing your video. Convenient Chicago location in Abbott Hall with additional meeting spaces for collaboration, preparation, and rehearsal (we have free coffee, too!) Modern aesthetics

Contributing to the Canvas Community

Northwestern University Canvas users can use the Canvas Community site to: post ideas ask questions  participate with other members in groups and find and comment on guides Contributions can range in complexity and significance, but each active member helps increase the amount of opportunities for interaction, discovery, and learning. In this blog post, I will highlight a very simple activity that anyone who uses Canvas at Northwestern can do to interact with the Canvas Community: voting. I view the Canvas Community as a vast network made up of knowledge artifacts and relevant discourse. One of the pillars of the community is the “Share Ideas” section; the other