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Selecting a Video Style

What type of video should I make? If you arrived at this blog post hoping for a prescriptive answer to that question, you won’t find it here. Instead you will find a framework for including video in your online course, a framework to help you focus your course development efforts by narrowing the process of making a video down to three main sequences of events. Begin by identifying the need for a video solution The proliferation of video-enabled devices, as well as the tradition of capturing lecture for use in online courses, may have set up the expectation that you

Maximizing Your Synchronous Sessions – Part II: Agenda

In the School of Professional Studies, most students are busy adult professionals who have to carefully carve time out to focus on coursework. This post is part two of a series on how to make the most of synchronous time, or time when all students in the course and the instructor are online at the same time. Part I focused on technology: how to choose an appropriate web conferencing tool, provide connection information to students, and give students the opportunity to test the technology prior to the session. This post provides three strategies to assist you in planning a synchronous

Help Your Students Make Better Virtual Presentations

Common activities that occur in many professional and classroom settings, like giving a presentation, don’t always work in a distance learning environment in the ways we would expect. Differences in technology platforms can make the fairly simple process of talking and showing something to a group a difficult task. Fortunately, many students today frequently communicate through digital media and the amount of available options continues to grow. Humans are a species that uniquely use language to imagine and create narratives. Throughout our evolution we have developed ways to share these with each other that traverse time and place. This blog post will cover a

Maximizing Your Synchronous Sessions – Part 1: Technology

Online courses at the School of Professional Studies make use of a limited amount of synchronous sessions – where students and the professor are all online at the same time – to build community and reinforce key course concepts. All faculty are required to host at least one synchronous session per quarter; the majority host between one and four throughout the ten weeks. In this two-part blog post series, I’ll explain how to make the most of synchronous time. This post will focus on technology, while next month’s post will discuss the session agenda. The technology involved in meeting live

Building Roadmaps with Canvas Icons

Are the students in your online class unsure how to approach the week’s tasks? There are many solutions, and I’ve seen everything from built-in LMS features like completion tracking to printable checklists. One particularly elegant addition to an online course is the roadmap. Learning Designer Jessica Mansbach discussed the benefits that roadmaps can afford in her October 2015 blog post How to Keep Students from Getting Lost in Your Course. They are useful to both students and instructors. “[Students] can more easily make sense of how to proceed through the course and how to use the course resources,” she explains,